Online Self-Help

In addition to the Tutorials from Allegheny's User Services, you can try these links for additional software support.

For more information about Microsoft Office applications
Microsoft Office Assistance Home Page—Microsoft's site has links to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more.
Microsoft Office Templates—From creating a class assignment schedule to designing a resume, this site has a template for your needs.
Windows Users Group Network Tips—Dozens of tips to help you use Microsoft Office applications.
Office Tips for Teachers—Although this Microsoft site says it's for teachers, students will also find the tips useful.
For more information about Dreamweaver
Macromedia Dreamweaver—Macromedia's Dreamweaver site features links for support and training. Be sure to see the Online Support Center.
For more information about Fireworks
Macromedia Fireworks Support Center—Features documentation, forums, and tutorials.
CBT Cafe:Fireworks Tutorials—Tutorials cover topics from basics to automation.
For more information about HTML
Basic HTML Rules —An easy to follow guide that walks you through coding a simple HTML page.
HTML Primer—Seven brief tutorials that cover HTML basics.
Table Tutorials—If you want to "hand-code" tables, or need to understand what's happening with your Dreamweaver table layout, start with this group of tutorials.
For more information about Web design issues
Image Tutorials—An assortment of brief, easy to understand tutorials geared to help you accomplish a specific task.
Graphics—Articles from that explain the most common tasks involving images.
A Quick Color Explanation—Offers an introduction to hexadecimal color values.
Color Matters - Computers—A detailed analysis of how computers show color with tests to let you see how well your monitor shows color.
Palette Man—An easy way to find color combinations to use on your site.

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